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We Discuss The Episcopal Churches

If we are going to be talking about religion then for those who have a problem with it for some reason you better avert your eyes, you precious snowflake that gets butt hurt at every little thing t be said on earth. Yeah, we are calling you out at the same time telling you to stay back in because no one wants to hear about your whining. We are here for the Episcopal church in Lake Norman NC.

Since this whole episcopal thing is its own business where it has a lot of churches that are the same out there, it should be known that just because your belief is this thing it does not mean that you should be shoving it down the throat of someone who does not share the same beliefs as you do.

They have their own belief and to be forcing someone else to believe in yours is like being in a cult where they try to indoctrinate someone into joining their supposed cause. Do not be a cult. Being a cult is bad and illegal and we are pretty sure that you will be going to hell for it no matter what kind of religion you think you are going for.

But anyway, let us go for the construction of this because it is entertaining to think about rather than all these controversial topics. You are going to need some wall blocking and retaining on those churches because as you can probably see, they are old as the word old itself.

For all of you newbs out there, ourselves included by the way so try not to feel bad, this is a wall structure that retains or holds soil behind all that. And yes, there are many types of materials that could be considered as something for wall retaining.

Maybe you should use this to keep the wall in your garden together? Who knows, the point is that this is there so you can have a soul behind that pile of blocks that you call a wall. Maybe you could even paint it so it does not looks so standard.

You could use a bit of color in your life, like everyone else in this sad godforsaken world. It does not even matter what we do anymore, it is like the world is just set out to destroy us at this point. Or maybe that is just the work of us humans all along.

We complain about the world is so hard on us and yet what we never really realize is that we are the source of that misery. We are like this because of our doing and because of our kind always screwing us over.

Are we not supposed to be bettering ourselves and improving one another because we all are of the same species? No, we instead try to one-up one another and then proceed to be more of a piece of crap to society because that is what makes us pathetic humans. What do we do to make us forget about all the horrible things in the world?