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The Skylight Installation Process

Skylights allow natural light to enter through the roof area. The owners install them to reduce electricity costs and illuminate without hard lighting. The main types of skylights are frame-in-place and curb-mounted.

 The first version is installed flush with the roof plane and secured with L-shaped brackets. The curb mounted skylights rest on the sidewalks on the roof plane. Skylight installation is easier than installing a window. But, we should always hire the professional for skylight Installation at our home.

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The initial stages of the skylight installation process

Framing a rough opening is the first step in installing a skylight. A skylight frame comprises three parts together and a framed edge is necessary for a skylight-mounted sidewalk. The headings are used to frame the roof opening and the roof opening is framed in a similar way. The frame that connects the roof and ceiling openings is called the light axis. It can be vertical or conical and is insulated and finished.

The alignment process involves several steps that include measuring 2×6 headers for roof and ceiling openings and 2×4 headers for the skylight. The holes should be drilled through the roof to mark the location of the frame, with the installation inside and outside the house. The degree of opening depends on the position and size of the window.

The installations of a framed skylight involve the mounting brackets on the side of the window, the configuration of the corner in the framed hole and secure it in place. A sidewalk must be constructed so that the sidewalk is well lit and must be square and caulked before installing and securing the skylight. The tiles are then replaced, which leaves room for intermittent installation between the edges and the sidewalk.

The flashing must be installed first and is usually nailed to the pavement and fixed to the ceiling with plastic roofing cement. The side flashing is installed and secured in place.