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The Most Famous Modern Art Forms

Abstract art

Abstract art has a dreamlike quality that portrays the world through imaging which often displays objects and forms that initially look recognizable but are simultaneously distorted so that viewers see something more than what they first saw.

When this art form began to emerge in the late 19th century it coincided with a changing society thanks to the emergence of a new industrial and technological era that emerged and made the once familiar world around it suddenly seems strange. You can also buy art prints online.

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Cubism was a 20th-century movement that completely changed the perception of European painting and sculpture.  Cubist art displays objects and images that are altered and often reformed to create many interpretive possibilities depending on what is felt by the audience.

It is a frequent nature of Cubist art that the images depicted are distorted through strange angles that create a sense of misleading space that leaves almost no quality in depth in the artwork.


Surrealism is a movement that began through painting but soon became a part of all other types of artistic media, from photography to film. This often results in the art of dividing criticism and audience through what sometimes disturbs the image intended to surprise the audience.


Impressionism is a movement that originated in the late 19th century in Paris. It is now considered one of the most important movements of all time, but when it was first introduced, it found little respect from most art lovers because it was considered too much as an alternative to conventional tastes.