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Significance Of Prayer In Christian’s Life

There are many psychological advantages of daily prayer. You believe that you’ve met an obligation. You also feel that you are better than others who do not pray every day. You may even believe you are honest with your God because you have answered a commitment.

However, on reflection, these interests are not really genuine benefits. They’re benefits that may rather mislead one to your religious ruin. Thinking that you are better off than others who do not pray every day is rather a potential deception rather than an advantage. There are certainly many others who don’t pray daily but are enough off than you. The evidence for this can be simply done.

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You just look at the children around you. They are certainly better off than you in spiritual values although a lot of them do not pray every day. They’re more joyful, more cheerful, more playful, more confident than you. The benefits of real, genuine daily warfare prayer are far different from such mental benefits.

So, to begin with, what is daily spiritual warfare prayer? Genuine prayer is common, solitary, loving communion with God. It is frequent. It does not happen once in a while once we are stuck with puzzles. It is done many times during the day, not just once or three or thirty times. It’s something that is natural, as spontaneous as we would converse with a friend.

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Actual good evening prayer is solitary. You will find an aloneness and quiet surrounding for true prayer. You may pray amidst a crowd but even there you’re in memory, on your own, and silent in your demeanor.

And lastly, genuine prayer is a friendly dialogue. It’s a conversation among fans. You feel a closeness to God which you can’t feel outside of this period of prayer.