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All That You Need To Know About CNC Cutting Machine

You can use a CNC cutting machine for several purposes. Material like wood, metal, plastic or even glasses can be cut with CNC machine. Two main cutting techniques in CNC are Plasma and Oxyfuel.

With a standard machine, you can perform both these type of cutting.  There are some other features also associated with CNC cutting machine. You can perform different functions with them. For example-

Making holes to allow drilling

  •    Drilling metals like aluminum
  •    Cutting wood sideways
  •    Cutting shapes in wood


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You can also opt for Laser Cutting technique. In laser technique cutting or profiling of metal sheet is done. This method is considered best for fabricating large or small metal plate. The Laser cutting system is electronically controlled through CNC controlled technology. You can go for CNC machining services for laser cutting technique.

One of the main benefits of laser cutting is that cutting is performed in such a way that there is minimal wastage. Laser cutting technique has great accuracy of plus or minus 0.2mm. The material like brass, mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum can be profiled well with the help of laser technology.

With advanced cutting machinery you can handle plate and sheet materials that are 20mm thick, 3 meters long and 1.5 meters wide. You can profile sheets of metal easily with laser cutting.  Profiling is done generally at low temperatures so that minimum heat distortion occurs and you get excellent output.

CNC machine

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CNC cutting service  is classified in categories listed below:

  •    Press braking
  •    Laser cutting
  •    CAD
  •    2D laser scanning
  •    Flatbed, and Tube box section

You get a measurement of 2D components in laser scanning method. Just by scanning, it can give a precise electronic drawing. 

With laser scanning method you can also do a quality inspection of 2D components. This is further used for manufacturing purpose and future references.