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Know About the Remedy For Anxiety

If you have been searching for a cure for anxiety here are two methods that will help you relieve tension, muscle cramps, headache, and abdominal pain, improve the quality of your blood circulation and most importantly reduce your anxiety level.

Hemp tea

The main substance contained in green tea is L-thiamine which is an amino acid. Usually, hemp green tea harvested in China, and has done for centuries for the nervous system stimulation effect is high. Hemp green tea is an effective sedative for sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, and chronic stress. You can use nature infusion tea to treat anxiety.

L-Thiamine is an alternative to caffeine; the difference is that it is not harmful to your health. Many people prefer to drink a large cup of green tea instead of coffee, maybe its breakfast or lunch; Hemp green tea is a great mind-strength stimulant and a stress reliever.

Drink and Enjoy

Breathing Techniques

Try to find a comfortable place; no one should disturb you while performing this technique. Focus on your breathing with your eyes closed, slowly inhale through the nose. You should feel your diaphragm moves up in your ribs and your stomach expands as you breathe out.

Slowly push the air out, forcing the abdominal movements slow. Imagine that the air is your concern and fear, and leaving your body forever. It should no longer be a part of your life!

Breathing properly is comprised of a deep breath should last for at least 5 seconds. Take your time: 3 seconds to breathe through the nose, and the other 3 exhale slowly through your mouth. Repeat the entire process up to 8 times and you`ll feel more relaxed.

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