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Custom T-Shirts – Things You Should Know Before You Order

Getting your custom printed shirt has now become more simple as many online services are offering their best custom shirts printing services. But ordering the best custom sublimation shirts can be daunting as you need to consider all the details and important factors in the ordering process.

But with a bit of knowledge and preparation will help you get the best custom designed shirt.  Having a small knowledge about what your print will need will process your order much quicker. And you will have more chances of getting the product meets your expectations.

Following are some tips that will increase your chances of having a good custom t-shirt ordering experience. Before you start your homework, give yourself a time and determine what type of custom tshirt printing you want to have.

The choice will be wider especially when it comes yo t-shirt selection. As the job of getting a good t-shirt doesn’t end with choosing the right colour. But aside from the colour, there are just a few things you will need to decide on.

The first thing you need to consider is the type of t-shirt as there are two main types of custom t-shirt designs standard and fashion t-shirt. A standard t-shirt that we have known and loved for years for dressing informally and comfortably.

Fashion t-shirts, on the other hand, are typically more of a tailored variety with closer fitting cuts and variations in the neckline. Once you have made a decision of what type of t-shirt you want to get print on. The next job is to choose the type of printing.

There are basically two different types of t-shirts printing available, Silk Screen Printing and Digital Printing. Digital Printing is done on a printing machine very much like the paper printer you have connected to your home or office computer.

Screen Printing, on the other hand, becomes a better option on larger orders, even though the set up is more labour intensive it becomes cheaper as quantities increase.

 Whatever you choose for your custom t-shirt design just make sure you are getting the right product. You may also go through this site to get more tips for choosing the right custom t-shirt design service.