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Basic Essentials You Might Want to Buy from a Military Surplus Store

There are only some people who would think of buying camping gear, furniture, tools from an army surplus store. But, this is considered as a best place to buy things with high-quality and low-price, especially if you have a little tight budget.

However, these types of stores are difficult to find. Generally owners of these stores set up shop in either malls or some popular places of the city.

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There are some people who don’t have any idea of what to buy from a military surplus store. It’s quite simple; you can get any equipment, tools or clothing that the army government issues to its workforce in an army store. This includes:

Military standard furniture


Military Clothing


First aid kits

Meals Ready to eat (MRE)

As these products are known as surplus, the costs of these are 10 to 75 percent less costly than any conventional store in malls or online merchants. Though the varieties and choices are limited, you may still buy what you need at the moment.

The discount and sales of larger products such as vehicles and weaponry items are not advertised in local newspapers. But if you wish to buy these products, then the best idea is to build contacts with the military guards nearby your place.

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However, if you are looking for smaller and safe products then you can you check for different online stores that sell military surplus items. Some of smaller items that can be easily available in an army surplus store are:

  1. Hunting or camping gears: these are the best selling products in an army store which includes best quality army tents, duffel bags, woollen blankets etc.
  2. Military Clothing: Gas masks, shoes, army jackets and entire army uniform are available in army surplus stores.
  3. Furniture: There are often offers and sale on army cots, tables and chairs. Empty ammunition cases are also available in these stores. View this link to read about latest news on military surplus.
  4. First Aid kits: The first aid kits include band aids, pressure dressing, alcohol swabs, scissors, cotton, tensor bandages, finger dressings and many more.
  5. Other items: Meal ready to eat packets and national flags are also available in these stores.