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Augmented Reality Application Development – Marketing Tips For Developers

There is nothing new in the fact that app developers are the best marketers. In the era of augmented reality development, it is the basics of proper marketing. The ideal case is if you have created augmented reality apps and you are further thinking about its marketing.

Every developer should have a blog site. Blog site is a platform on which clients interact with each other.  Blogging each day can be quite a time consuming so it’s very important that you put up content once a week.


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Blogging is quite a beneficial process.  The blogs generally drive traffic to your website. You can even tell other bloggers about your app. This is done for free advertising purposes.

Bloggers write a blog so that people around can read their blog.  Through different bloggers, you can make sure that your app reaches most of the people around. Make sure that you give them a few promotional codes so that they give these codes the readers.

In this way, you attract traffic to their blog and let people know about your app.  In this way, more people will get to know about your augmented reality mobile app.   


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Twitter is another way to let the people know about your application.  You even don’t have to post content every hour, you just require few updates. This is the best way to get the user to your site.  Make sure that you insert your URL in your post in order to direct traffic to the page. This way it will be easier for the people to download your app.

The Internet can also be used for advertisement purpose. It is much better than advertising on relevant blog sites as there you will have no control over where advertisement will appear.  Through augmented reality related blogs your information reaches potential clients.